Khartoum12-3-2022 SUNA

TheInternational Scientific Conference of Almughtaribeen University, entitled"Social Sciences and their role in building and renaissance ofnations", began today at the General Secretariat of the Zakat Office.

The Conference is organized byAlmughtaribeen University under the auspices of the Minister of SocialDevelopment, Professor Ahmed Adam Bakhit Dukhri, and the Ministry of HigherEducation and Scientific Research, the Sudanese Regulatory Authority Affairsand the participation of a number of Arab and African countries, the Universityprofessors and specialists.

TheMinister of Social Development Ustaz Ahmed Adam Bakhit stressed the importanceof social sciences and their role in the human renaissance and pointed out theministry's keenness in following up its outputs to work on them, noting thatsocial sciences are the cradle of science and can get us out of the crises thatare surrounding us now. He pointed out the need for expert insights in thisaspect in the hope that universities will follow the example of AlmughtaribeenUniversity in caring about social sciences and their role.

ProfessorOsman Al-Hassan Mohamed Nour, President of Almughtaribeen University, explainedthat the conference raises one of the most important issues of this era. Hesaid the conference has attracted a distinct constellation to raise a number ofissues related to human development socially, professionally and culturally,noting that the conference is attended by researchers from abroad via videoconference.

On hispart, the rapporteur of the conference, Dr. Osman Hassan Osman said that theconference is considered the most prominent scientific event that has beentaking place in Sudan since the outbreak of the Revolution of December 2018 andcomes with the broad participation of African and Arab countries, adding thatthe conference is expected to reach a conclusion and results that contribute tothe development of societies’ progress, in which human beings are considered itsmain pillar.

Theconference continues for two days: the first day contains the opening lecturepresented by Professor Dr. Abdul Hussein Shaaban on social sciences and theirrole in nations’ building and renaissance, giving the expert Ali Alwardi as anexample. Then three meetings to discuss a number of topics follow. The firstone is on Social Sciences, diagnosing the crisis and the problem of methods.The second topic deals with technology as a new dimension in human life, andconceptual representation in Arabic social sciences: the crisis ofphilosophical creativity as a model.