Roles and Responsibilities

1.    Co-ordinates Community service programmes of the Faculties, centres andunits of the University, by holding regular cultural courses to promote thecommunity.

2.    Takes care of youth sports, promotes it and benefits from sports fieldsin the neighbourhoods.

3.    Develops Interest in safe sports and their dissemination in schools andcommunities.

4.    Gives Attention to school health (medically) providing clinic servicesto school students such as Eye and Dental clinics and other clinics, incoordination with the Faculty of Medicine and related entities.

5.    Runs activities with expatriates to educate the Sudanese immigrants andmakes him aware of his rights and duties in the countries of the diaspora.

6.    Carries out therapeutic days in different communities.

7.    Provides training courses to the community.

8.    Analysis the status quo of localities by Local managers, identifiesactivities and the basic community needs.

9.    Runs Training to kindergarten supervisors on the basis of safety andeverything related to that.

10. Coordinates with regularforces (University Guard - Target Companies - Police), who have significantresponsibilities towards workers

11. Takes care of safety inkindergartens and all that is related to it.

12. Documenting Community servicework in coordination with the Department of Information and Public Relations ofthe University.

Carries out anyother tasks assigned to by the University President.

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