Roles and responsibilities

1.    Itconnects the university to the external environment.

2. Develops the bonds of fellowship between the employees and instil thespirit of belonging to the university.

3. Performs all kinds of activities that lead to the organization of publicrelations and deepening its concepts between university staff and its clients.

4. Co-authors the annual report of the University and supervises itspublication.

5. Responds to daily inquiries from the media and organizes press meetingswith who wants to interview the university president or vice president.

6.  Seeks to improve the mental image of the university and highlights abright picture of its growth and achievements and to cooperate with otherparties.

7.  Supervises the management of media content and media campaigns foruniversity events through websites and social networking sites.

8.  Provides a climate of trust between the university's clients and linksit to society by introducing its objectives, philosophy and future plans.

9.  Documenting Links between theuniversity and relevant academic, research and industrial institutionsaccording to well-thought-of programmes and plans.

10.  Providing the necessaryfacilities and procedures for scientific activities such as seminars,conferences, exhibitions and meetings.

11.  Supervises the processing ofbanners, advertisements and certificates, photographing all events andactivities, distributing invitation cards and providing everything that wouldmake any event a success at the university.

12.  Facilitates the mission ofofficial delegations invited by the University individually or in partnershipwith other institutions and bodies supervising coordination in advance with them and schedules visits andnumber of visitors, and prepares the programme of the visit, provides a brief explanation of theUniversity's origin, mission and objectives, and accompanies visiting delegationsduring their tours of the campus and provides them with introductory bulletinsand university publications.

13. Selects the appropriateofficial from the university to conduct media interviews with newspapers orsatellite channels.

14. Writes Periodical reports tothe President of the University on the performance of the administration.

Any other tasksassigned to the department by the President of the University.

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