Roles and Responsibilities

1-    Acts asthe Rapporteur of the High Examinations Committee.

2-    Supervisesthe preparation process for examinations in coordination with Faculties’registrars, the High Examination Committee and all relevant departments.

3-    Receivesthe examinations from the teachers and supervises their printing, copying,preserving, securing and handing them over to the chief observer and receivesthe answer booklets immediately after the examination sessions.

4-    Supervisesthe preparation of the results of the examinations for the various Facultiesand presents them to the High Committee of Examinations.

5-    Keeps theresults of the examinations after they are passed by the Faculties councils andthe Academic staff council.

6-    Be amember of the Faculties councils and the Academic staff Council

7-    Writesadequate reports on the examinations and their progress at all stages andsubmits them to the Director of the Department of Academic Affairs, theSecretary of Scientific Affairs and the Deans of Faculties.

8-    Makes sureof applying all regulations relating to examinations.

Participatesin all committees investigating fraud and misconduct within examination rooms.

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