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In the name of Allah, the most Gracious,the most Merciful, and Prayers and Peace be upon the most honoured Messenger,our Master Mohammed, and on his family and all his followers.

On behalf of the staff of the Faculty ofComputer Science and Information Technology, employees, workers and facultymembers and the registrar of the college, I welcome our students in an edificeof science and knowledge at Almughtaribeen University. Our University believesin the rapid change in cognitive production, and it has committed itself tokeep up with the aspirations of our students and parents for a better educationthat qualifies cadres to carry the flame of change in the country for thebetter, to develop and keep up with technological advances.

The Faculty of Computer Science andInformation Technology has come as a new tributary that carries the imprint ofAlmughtaribeen University in competitive education in computer science andinformation technology programmes not only at the local level but at theregional and international levels, as the Faculty started from where the othershave  ended up.

The Faculty awards a bachelor’s degree withhonours in four academic programmes: Computer Sciences, Information System,Information Technology and Software Engineering, and that to contribute to therealization of a national Sudanese vision in qualifying a generation thatpossesses the latest techniques and methods of dealing with informationtechnology sciences.

Dr. Salah Omer Haj Ahmodi

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Sciences

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