Roles and responsibilities

1.  Setting up human resources strategies, plansand policies for the university and implementing them according to what is requiredby the provisions of the University Law, statutes and regulations.

2.    Make sure that the Job description matches withthe actual performance of incumbents and works to develop and update jobdescription cards.

3.     Implementing regulations and decisions thatrelate to /with human resources and monitoring their application.

4.    Performs practical procedures to attract,select and recruit non-faculty teaching staff.

5.    Carries out the work of the Secretariat of theteaching staff Appointments Committee and follows up on the implementation ofthe committee's decisions and recommendations

6.    Preparing the annual human resources plan incoordination and cooperation with all faculties, centres and departments of theuniversity in line with the regulations and statutes Applicable at theuniversity.

7.    Drafting employment contracts of various typesin cooperation with the legal counselor of the University.

8.    Determines the training needs of non-facultyuniversity staff, prepares the annual training plan and works to implement itin coordination with the university departments and service centres.

9.    Contributing to the preparation and applicationof the payroll of the university employees.

10. Participating in the preparation andupdating of workers' wage structures.

11. Participating in and working on thepromotion committees of non-faculty staff workers

12. . Participation in the MedicalInsurance Committee for employees and following up the implementation of itsdecisions.

13. Ensures that employees adhere towork regulations, systems, procedures and policies

14. Keeps all the records andfiles of university staff and make sure they contain all the required documentsand work to update them continuously.

15. Develops andapplies standards and tools to evaluate the performance of non-faculty staffworkers.

16. Follows-upthe evaluation of faculty members in coordination with academic affairs at theuniversity.

17. SubmitsPeriodic reports on human resources management work.

18. Develops thebest systems and procedures for occupational safety and addresses theimbalances that may occur.

Any other tasks assigned to the departmentby the immediate boss.

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