Roles and Responsibilities

1-    Contributesto preparing and updating academic regulations and systems.

2-    Follows upthe application of academic regulations.

3-    Prepares forthe meetings of the Council of Academic Staff, carries out the work of the Secretariatof the Council and maintains permanent records of the facts of the Councilmeetings.

4-    Prepares the council’sstatistics, analyses them and extracts their indicators for the Council.

5-    Keeps theplans and curricula records for all university Faculties.

6-    Contributeswith the various Faculties of the university in the development of studyschedules and supervises the management of classrooms in accordance with theschedules set in coordination with Faculties and related entities.

7-    Supervisesthe preparation of the academic guide of the university and follows up itsregular update.

8-    Follows upthe implementation of the Academic Affairs’ decisions and recommendations.

9-    Contributesto the development of plans and training of faculty members and assistants and directlysupervises their implementation.

10-    Ensures thatthe University scholarships’ delegates comply with the terms and regulations ofthe scholarships.

11-    Coordinatesfaculty academic staff training activities and keeps its records, and keepsperiodic reports covering all training courses carried out.

12-     Writesregular reports on the contribution of faculty members to conferences,discussions, seminars and scientific research.

13-     Contributesin the preparation and approval of the university's academic calendar by theCouncil of Academic staff and follows-up its implementation.

14-     Supervisesthe preparation and implementation of the pre-sessional programme for studentsadmitted to the university in coordination with the preparatory programcoordinator.

15-     Carries anyother tasks entrusted by the immediate boss.

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