Roles and Responsibilities

1-    Developsthe preparations, plans and programmes for achieving the Centre’s objectivesand development.

2-    Managesall the affairs of the centre, monitoring the progress of the study andmaintaining order within the centre.

3-    Chairs theCentre’s Council, the Board of Examiners and the committees provided for by theuniversity's laws and foundation orders.

4-    Supervisesthe preparation and implementation of the Centre’s scientific, educational andresearch plans.

5-    Coordinatesbetween the administrative and technical agencies and the individuals workingat the centre.

6-    Submitsannual budget proposals containing all the material and human needs of thecentre and follows up their implementation with the concerned parties.

7-    Supervisesthe employees of the administrative agencies of the centre, monitors andevaluates their performance.

8-    Supervisesthe preparation of proposals for graduate studies and research at the Centrebased on the recommendations of the departments’ boards and follow-up theirimplementation.

9-    Recommendsthe appointment and promotion of staff according to laws and adoptedregulations.

10-     Adopts theproposals of the departments for external examiners.

11-     Follows upthe Centre’s students affairs with the University Deanship of Students’Affairs.

12-     Supervisesall academic, research and training activities of students.

13-    Issues theannual guide to long and short courses carried out by the Centre.

14-    Submits aperiodic report to the President of the University on the progress of the workof the centre and the performance of the researchers and faculty staff of thecentre after its presentation to the Centre’s Council.

Performsany other tasks assigned to the centre by the University President.

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