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It is my pleasure, appreciation and respectto welcome you to the Website of Almughtaribeen University.

The establishment of the Faculty of NursingSciences was on 15 December 2017 and since its inception it has been carryingits message with its three axes to provide nursing education at the bachelor'slevel. This was based on the university's values, vision and mission, toprovide the highest level of nursing services by employing the latestinternational, regional and local curricula with high standards, and by workingthrough highly qualified academic expertise to raise the quality of educationaloutcomes to provide the students with high professional skills and competenciesand the ability to lead, innovate, and deal with the latest developments in thefield of health modern technologies and outstanding nursing care. 

 Community service is considered the main focusof the Faculty’s’ mission. And I have to mention that the first Faculty graduation was on December 2021.  

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