The National Council for Child Care andAlmughtaribeen University organized a workshop on the philosophy of childhood sociology.

The President of Almughtaribeen University,Professor Dr. Osman al-Hassan Mohammed Nour, and Iraqi Professor Dr. AbdulHussein Shaaban, one of the researchers participating in the conference ofsocial sciences organized by the University earlier this week, attended the workshop organized by the National Councilfor Child Care in the Council's Conference Hall on Tuesday entitled"Philosophy of Childhood Sociology" in times of crisis and disaster’’ in cooperation with Almughtaribeen University and under the auspices ofthe Secretary General of the Council Dr. Abdul Qadir Abdullah Abu. who stressed the importance of the renaissance project in order to protect,care and develop the rights of Children. He said that the aim of organizingthis workshop is to think about the philosophy of sociology in order to developthe concept of social work towards children's issues.

On his part, the Iraqi professor gave a lecturein which he talked about the concept of development in its human andsustainable sense through economic growth and linking it to comprehensive andsustainable development. Hesaid women and children arevulnerable groups in society, referring to the political, civil, social,economic and cultural rights thatguarantee the child the right In a decent life, in addition to his rights todevelopment in peace, science and technology for living in a healthyenvironment; he also drew the attention tothe International Convention on The Rights of A child which has guaranteed himall his rights to live in a stable and secure society.

He called for raising community awareness amongpolitical elites and civil society members and directing the media to serve thedevelopment of childhood issues.

The Iraqi professor called on the Council todraw up a plan according to Long-term systematic vision to be implementedthrough a short, medium and long-term timetables.

What is worth mentioning is that the workshopwas held within the programmes accompanying the work of the internationalscientific conference governing social sciences and their role in building and inthe renaissance of nations, organized by the University from 12 to 13 March2022.