Radio Biladi signeda partnership and protocol agreement with Almughtaribeen University. The University's President, Professor Dr. OsmanAl Hassan Mohamed Nour, expressed his gladness with this partnership tocontinue Almughtaribeen University’s national project, which aims to addressall national issues in all fields, and he said that the wide spread of Radio Biladiis considered important in achieving success to this project.

Professor Al Hassanexplained that the partnership of the University with Radio Biladi willcontinue to raise the issues discussed by the Forum for Thought, Peace andDevelopment to contribute to finding solutions to the crises that the countryis going through.

Professor Dr. AbdAl Wahab Ahmed Abd Al Rahman, the Vice-President of Almughtaribeen University,on his part said that the idea of establishing the Forum for Peace andDevelopment came based on a question related to how Sudan has fell behind theranks of developed countries. In addition the general director of Radio BiladiAboud Saif Aldeen praised the advanced role of Almughtaribeen University inproviding the community with competencies in all fields, and expressed hispleasure for signing the partnership and protocol agreement with theUniversity, the thing that would give it the opportunity to send its messagethrough Radio Biladi programmes and to achieve national consensus through thispartnership