Faculty Aims

1. Integrity/Transparency: We work as a community group to support the facility from the citizens of the state and Sudan in general, will conduct activities in the interconnection and use of resources in an ethical manner

2. Respect: The relationship in the college is based on respect for students, colleagues, the community and respect for the ideas of others. We teach our students to respect and characterize their patients, colleagues and members of the healthcare team.

3. Compassion:We work to make faculty members a model from which students learn compassion, and to enhance this through education, research, and service.

4. Collaboration/Generosity/Partnership:We evaluate the giving of any individual in the region and believe in cooperation among us to strengthen the bond between all, and we will work to establish the partnership between the health and education sectors that supports our mission and supports our mission to provide our students with qualified education to improve health for all citizens in the state and in Sudan in general.

5.Student Friendly: We will provide educational services in a way that respects students, supports their efforts, provides quality educational service, and creates an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding.

6.Community Oriented Health: We will encourage all faculty and staff to play an important role in improving the health of the community.

7.Social Accountability: We encourage students and health workers to engage in the community in their areas and contribute to creating ahealthy and healthy environment and to be volunteers and activists to improve the quality of life in those communities.

8.Best Practice: We teach our students health practices are not optimal unless they are supported by sound scientific evidence and we work to disseminate information to faculty members that enables them to improve practices through evidence and evidence, providing library resources and necessary medical follow-up.

9.Information quality: We disseminate information to students, faculty and the community, which will enable them to change practical information by providing the necessary resources from modern and innovative nursing libraries and ideas.

10.Innovation: is the heart of our college and we are open to new ideas, whether from students, faculty, staff and others to continue development and continuous improvement of health care and health system

11.Stewardship: We have been entrusted with a great responsibility to educate thenext generation of health parties, and this is necessary in order to live our values ​​and focus on our educational mission through education, scientific research, clinical service and necessary services to the community.

12.Communication with students Communication: We must understand that good communication is the largest part of the graduate's traits. We are working on developing and enhancing students' communication skills

13.Lifelong Learning: We want to understand that the educational process is a lifelong process and is not limited to formal education only.