Roles and Responsibilities

1-   Prepares plans and programmes to achieve theoverall objectives of the deanship of students’ affairs.

2-   Sets regulations for the Deanship of Students’Affairs and follows its implementation.

3-   Cares for students scientifically,psychologically, socially and educationally until they graduate, and works tosolve all the problems they face.

4-   Oversees the preparation and preservation of non-academicstudent records.

5-   Cares for, encourages and develops outstandingand talented students.

6-   Follows-up and activates all non-academicactivities (cultural, sports and social activities).

7-   Strengthens relations with internal andexternal students’ unions and activates Joint programmes.

8-   Supervises a fund supporting students and seeksto support indigent ones.

9-   Participates with Faculty Deans and relatedentities to determine students’ tuition fees.

10-    Represents the Students’ Affairs Deanship inall councils, internal and external bodies and events.

11- Seeks to provide and fully supervise the healthservice.

12-    Submits a comprehensive and detailed periodicreport to the University President on the performance of the Deanship ofStudents’ Affairs.

Any other tasks assigned by theUniversity President.

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