Roles and Responsibilities

1-   Carriesthe Annual preparation of the admissions season in coordination with allFaculties and departments of the university concerned with the admissionsprocess and the Central Committee for Admission and Registration.

2-   Follows-upthe implementation of the decisions of the UnifiedAdmissions and Registration Committee of higher education institutions andtakes all necessary measures to accept and register new students in theuniversity faculties.

3-   Advertisesadmission opportunities for students at home and abroad to study bachelor'sdegrees.

4-   Receiveslists of students nominated for admission to the bachelor's level.

5-   Proposesthe number of students nominated for admission from expatriates in coordinationwith all the faculties of the university.

6-   Supervisesthe preservation of records, information and data of candidates’ students foradmission to university.

1-    Proposesthe number of scholarships for students who excel in the Sudanese or Arabcertificates according to the Regulations and controls in this respect.

2-    Follows-upadmission of bridging students in coordination with faculties.

3-    Supervisesthe implementation of electronic registration at the university and facilitatesits procedures.

4-    Follows-upthe transfer of students between the departments and faculties of theuniversity and from other universities to Almughtaribeen University.

5-    Acts asrapporteur of the High Committee for Admission and Registration and theMini-Committee for Admission.

6-    Follows-upregistrations of new students admitted to Faculties.

7-    Links theuniversity faculties and the Central Admissions Office to the Secretariat of AcademicAffairs using modern computing and communication technologies in all mattersrelated to admission and registration.

8-    Contributesto enriching scientific knowledge and providing services, consultations,training and continuous education in the fields of admission and registration.

9-    Supervisesthe use of modern means in archiving admission and registration information.

10-    Controlsand upgrades quality of admission and registration regulations, and providespossible means to attain academic accreditation and that through applyingquality and self-evaluation standards.

Performsany other tasks assigned by the direct chief.

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