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Deanship of Student Affairs


     Students' Affairs Deanship was established  along with the inauguration of MU in the academic year 2010/2011 attempting  to provide the suitable environment for the academic study, practical procedures so as to build up student's character in the way that he/she uses his/her time properly when in the university and outsidein his/her religious, cultural or social activities, and to support scientific talents in every way  providing necessary aids to achieve such.

    Students' Affairs Deanship is also working to play a supporting role for the educational process that is going on inside  lecture rooms and laboratories as participation in the polishing and refining of the student's character through a package of non-classroom activitiesthat meet his/her interests and build up his/her education and thinking, as that university lifedoes not restrict to presented lectures, but goes beyond to include practicing hobbies and interests that expose student's  character and works to utilize his/her time in useful activities in addition to different services it provide to the students that guide and qualify them for entering working life 


    That Student's Affairs Deanship at MU becomes pioneer locally, regionally and internationally among similar university units that provide students' care in different aspects weather educationaltraining or professional and to develop in the university student his/her patriotic sense and to link him/her to his/her universityhis/her home land, his/her Arab and Islamic nation.


    To participate in educationally preparing human cadres properly, and to originate student's ethics and conduct in order to share in the country's total development and to realize more training and recruitment opportunitiesTo develop the patriotic spirit, loyalty and belonging to one's home land.


A- To participate  in preparing the university student's integral and balanced personality

B- To develop Islamic and ideal morals in the university student, and to prepare him/her to bear lifeburdens

C -To strengthen the relationship between the student and his/her teacher and his/her university during his/her study time and after graduation.

D- To spend student leisure time in useful  aiming programs.

E- To familiarize  student with social participation and develop relationships with each other.

F-To refine students' skills, build their knowledge and link them to the modern means of knowledge.

G-To provide suitable opportunities for training and work which are compatible with the university education production and job market demand.


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