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Preparatory year programme

The Preparatory year programme gains its importance from being the first incubator and the main gate to the university where students are first introduced to the university atmosphere and prepared  to receive their basic skills and knowledges. Here in this college students are supplied with the methods and tools that enables them to step forwards in a quality transit to a new level of maturity. Students gradually enter into a new life that differs totally from their previous stages of education where they used to receive knowledge by indoctrination, keeping and recitation to a stage where he/she have to activate his/her own abilities and ways to acquire  necessary skills and knowledge.

As the gap between the two stages of educational life is so great, it was necessary for the university  and the college authorities to lay suitable policies and mechanisms to bridge that gap and to bring up student's whole psychology and mind from the partial vision to things to the totalistic vision of a reasonable university student who sees thing from all sides and who can continue his university specialization successfully.

It is usual that a new university student might falter at the beginning of his/her first university stage as a result of lacking necessary academic counseling and guidance that should follow student's joining university crowd, or a result of the strong shot from the big gap between the university environment and the previous one. This is the point where the college of preparatory studies  adopts the idea of training and owning the student the equipments with which he/she catches knowledge instead of indoctrination  teaching he/she used to. To develop student's skills in all aspects so that the college becomes a big workshop where the student is reshaped and trained skills wise, knowledge wise and psychological wise. This is reached through well studied programs of methodical psychological support, educational counseling and academic guidance.


To realize a pioneer place among preparatory year deanships in other local universities who adopt systematic thinking so as to realize the educational schemes and  to develop  preparatory college's students abilities (inputs - processing - outputs)  


To prepare balanced characters, of high responsibility, credibility and readiness for university education through a developed educational environment that participates in knowledgeable community within the college and the university. 

Values of the College:

To commit to High Education quality pointers - Leadership - Responsibility - Honesty - Creation - Transparency - Query - Justice - Respect and Team Work.


1. To prepare students for specialized studies in all university colleges and  Paths.

2. To orient students to  Mu's facilities and laws and to introduce student's writes and duties.   

3. To increase students' skills in dealing with  the knowledgeable environment and technologies. 

4. To develop  the teaching and learning environment within quality control orientations.  

5. To impart students the necessary skills to complete  their study in specialized colleges.

6. To impart students the lively skills so as to react with the community. 

7. To impart students the necessary skills  for the best use of knowledge resources and technology. 

8. To prepare students who are capable of  wright planning.

9. To train student  to the adequate ways of using the central library.

10. To develop the three sides of the student's character , the knowledgeable, the skillful and the psychological.

11. To develop  student's Critical Thinking skills.

12. To impart student the necessary skills of self learning.

13. To provide an academic, psychological and social environment that helps  in creation, skill perfection and preparing student's balanced and distinguished character.


1. To improve English language level for MU students.

2. To improve student's level of performance in basic required subjects in different colleges in collaboration with  the Deans colleges.

3. To elevate  students' learning methods and improve their ability to deal with computer and using modern technologies made available by modern social media.  

4. To supervise Free Subjects in educational programs and provide executive means for such. 

5. Community service that is generated from colleges' specializations and matches with the nature of each college including qualifying workshops, specialized training courses, treatment and educational programs. 

6. To establish a Qualifying and Training Center for MU staff  in the field of English Language and to improve speaking skills in both Arabic and English for the teachers who are the most important party in executing MU plan of teaching fluently in both English and Arabic languages.  

7. To coordinate with all relevant parties to execute the mentioned goals as this Deanship is not trying to find a parallel structure to the existing ones in the university, instead it is working to become an aid to execute the  MU overall goals.     


– The apparent decline in the English language level, considering that it is the language of science and technical knowledge, has confirmed the existence of clear major defects , which made necessary for the Deans of all colleges to tackle this problem.    

– Preparing students during preparatory year participates effectively in improving the educational process out- puts in universities. This leads  later to satisfying the job market demand with highly qualified scientific and professional cadres. 

–Integral preparation of student during preparatory year leads to student being able to overcome  obstacles and offers him the chance of adapting with the university environment and work to self improving.  

– Applying high quality programs to qualify students during preparatory year will lead students to choose specializations that suit their capacities and interests.

– College of Preparatory Studies programs lead to self development and improving of language skills in  the English language considering that it is the means of  knowledge and the language of  modern technologies which consequently leads to more research and analyzing capabilities which enables them to  easily continue their graduation march.