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Objectives of the Faculty

     The Faculty of Languages, in line with the University vision and philosophy, prepares students to :

    1. Be familiar with foreign culture.

    2. Meet the needs of the region in the different fields of spcializations where English is required.

    3. Pursue their post graduate studies in their specializations.

    4. Foster a positive attitude towards lifelong learning.

English Language and Literature Program

Objectives of the Programs

1. To acquaint students with major patterns in the world's literature, civilization and cultures so as to contribute to the refinement of their talents, the development  of their personalities , and widening of their intellectual scope as cultivated people. 

2. To set up a specialization required by the Sudanese society , particularly in the field of education and communication by means of the following practices :

a ) Enabling students to master various English language skills, by giving intensive English language courses in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

b ) Acquainting students with the most up-to-date studies and methods of linguistic science in general, but with special reference to the structure of English.

c ) Preparing students to go on to higher studies in linguistics and English literature through the fields of sepcialization available.

d ) Grooming students in the English language in co-operation with the designated department of Arabic or any other foreign language Department to meet the growing needs of the Sudanese Society for qualified English language students.

3. Major and Minor courses:

English (Major, Arabic Minor) or vice/versa.

Study fees (2020 - 2021)

SDG 150,000 (for Sudanese students)

$1,500 (for non-Sudanese students)