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Welcome to the main page of Engineering.

The engineering college is an institution with many aspects and in the phase of continous development with six programs currently active.

the college started in hiring efficient and the most experienced academic staff and will continue this way till all the academic infrastructure is achieved with the highest excellence standards, we forecast to accomdate 1500 students in different specialities.

we plan by the god's will this take our graduted engineers to the level of perfection in the industry and academic fields in and outside Sudan, we are very happy to be part of this great challenge so we can contribute in different fields of technology and development , we are looking to be a college with global standards competing with our global peers.

The engineers class in sudan contributed significantly in the development of other countries , as for sudan because of it's strategic geographical location we feel it's our duty to provide well knowledge equipped staff to participate efficiently in different industry sectors, researchs and development.

our tools to build such graduates are rich academic programs and sophisticated development, we provide our students with the tools making them capable of building the future and do their parts efficienlty.

we believe success can't be achived by luck nor coincidence , success is long way process composed of well defined small steps.

come and join us to be part of this success.

Electrical Eng.


The program curriculum includes study of engineering sciences and possibility of utilizing it to solve the technical and operational problem based on scientific ground, practical experiments,  field training,  individual projects and team  projects.

The curriculum is so flexible to enable students to choose a specialization from any of available  specializations in electrical engineering.

 bachelor of  Electrical engineering (power and control)  provides multiple opportunities for future career. Once you complete the program you can work , in the electricity generating, transmission or distribution  companies, various factories and administrative units which utilizes electricity.

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Industrial Electronics Eng.

The primary mission of the Department of Industrial Control Engineering is educational, providing the facilities and the studying environment for undergraduate education through research in the areas of control.

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The Vision

The Department of Architecture, AlMughtaribeen University will be an outstanding department  in the field of preparing efficient and highly qualified architects and planners who will reshape the built environment on both local and global levels.

The Mission

To educate architects, aesthetically and scientifically to carry out their endorsed role, with the required efficiency.

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Biomedical Eng.

This specialization is concerned with promoting and development of the basic structure that supports the medical field in all of its components: equipment used, engineering hospitals and experts who support the medical cadre. Hence, this specialization offers good job opportunities for its graduates owing to the huge development in equipment used in medical diagnosis.

The programme message: serving the Sudanese community by preparing the necessary specialized cadre to do that and thus contributes to the development of our home country-Sudan.

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Civil Eng.

The program focuses upon basic sciences and civil engineering courses with the intention to cope with technological developments pertaining to program courses, as the huge development in design tools greatly affected type and contents of study courses. The use of computers in design became common practice, but traditional methods of analysis and design must still be presented to students in order to have the basic technical information behind computer usage.

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Communication Eng.

This is a prestigious program preparing the students to be at the forefronts of the ever- booming Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which is the key enabler of today’s connected and globalized world.

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