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Communication Engineering

This is a prestigious program preparing the students to be at the forefronts of the ever- booming Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which is the key enabler of today’s connected and globalized world.

Contemporary communication engineering has emerged as a real convergence of electronic engineering, computing and information technology. Students who enroll in this program have a unique opportunity, and hence should be well prepared and motivated, to get exposure to a wide spectrum of multi-disciplinary experience.

As ICTs have become at the heart of all sorts of businesses and industries of all scales, career prospects for graduates of the program are quite promising. These include various types of telecommunication operators and service providers, instrumentation-automation- control sections in national grid companies and petroleum industries, electronic commerce and e-banking service providers, ICT solutions providers for the corporate sector, smart- grid initiatives and many other options.

Study Period:

The study period is (5) years divided into 10 semesters. In addition there are (4) optional summer terms for special-case students.

Study fees (2020 - 2021)

SDG 250,000 (for Sudanese students)

$3,000 (for non-Sudanese students)