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University president's address

My dear sons and daughters MU students. Dear respectable Fathers and Mothers, Dear Guests, Dear MU Teachers,Administrators and workers.    

You are all welcome in your lively university thanks god's grants, and due to your support  and efforts.

This is your university indeed, all of you. Its a national university, came out of pure Sudanese thought, and in cooperation with  Sudanese Working Abroad (SWA) as individuals or as private establishments, and with full support of the State. The first goal of this university is to effectively participate in solving the problem of higher educating the SWA sons and daughters in particular and Sudan's sons and daughters in general. Also to effectively participate in the advancement of higher education in Sudan.  

We gather here today to cheer our newly admitted students, the fifth batch in the short span of the young university life. Welcome new MU leaders.   

Welcome every one in your university as it is starting its fifth year of its long being- god willing.

Here is a pleasant co-incidence,  that  is: the reception ceremony for the first batch of students at MU was on January 19 2011, today's same date four years back, a sign of good hope.  

It is anticipated that this university shall become a peculiar one in Sudan, and we hope it goes beyond to the outer world and becomes one of the outstanding universities with a remarkable sign worldwide.

The idea of this university had been tempting your fathers and mothers through out several decades. Your fathers and mothers have indeed spent great efforts  to realize this dream.

Then we polarized for you the best scholars to guide you to the true and pure information, to the unlimited horizons of knowledge, with god's help.   Every teacher in this university is an authorized scholar in his/her field.   All of them, God willing, are of the best scholars in Sudan, and/or even in all the Arab and African region All of them are honest educators and great experts. Salute you of your prosperous university, glorious with its students and teachers. Salute our country of this qualitative addition- God willing- to the graduate and post graduate education.

MU Vision:

 MU is a university for all sons and daughters of the country, and is seeking to become a centre for excellence and an axle for the will of change. Striving for an advanced Sudan rushing to renaissance and development on bases of scientific and correct planning. 

Some of MU Goals:

       1. To realize an ideal solution for the problem of SWA sons and daughters education at university level through increasing the chances of admission in university education in Sudan and reducing tuition fees.   

       2. To present modern educational programs that are advanced in contents and methods of teaching thus realize targeted aims of qualifying distinguished graduates and benifiting from qualified cadres who work abroad. 

       3. To support scientific research by preparing modern and technically advanced laboratories so that postgraduate students from different universities as well as other researchers can make use of these labs. Community service through continuous education programs.

MU Leadership: 

1. Prof. / Hassan Abu Aisha Hamid - MU President.

2. Prof./ Eltahir M. Haroun - MU Vice President.  

3. Prof. / Abdul Wahab A. Abdul Rahman - Secretary of Academic Affairs 

4. Dr. / Abdul Rahim M. H. Satti - MU Principal

5. Dr. / Babeker Rahmtullah - Dean of Students Affairs.

6. Prof. / Mohammed Osman Kambal - Dean of College of Languages

7. Prof. / Shambol Adlan Mohamed - Dean of College of Engineering.

8. Dr. Naiema Abdulla Wagialla - Acting Dean of College of Medicine 

9. Dr. Mohamed Al Hassan Osman - Dean of College of Business Administration

In addition to a group of best scholars as mentioned above ... each in his/her position.

We in MU administration encourage forming students leagues with specific goals so that every student finds what suits his/her  creative interests.   No objection to the rise of different college leagues for social and cultural connections, and to solve students' problems within the college.

Also tens of beneficiary societies with clear aims can be formed.  Example of such societies:

Society of : Quran study , Arabic literature, English literature, Study of Islamic and Sudanese history, African Studies, Sudanese literature, Introduction to Sudan Culture, music, formational Arts, foot ball, basket ball, and others of what you think of.   

Your aiming leagues and societies will find all support from the university represented in the deanship of  students affairs and all university departments, god willing.

There are some restricted matters to which we have all agreed. These are:

       1-Taking Tabaco in any of its forms, and taking whatever that affects the mind and health, such as narcotic and stimulating materials and similar..

       2- Using violence in solving disputes and/or debates.

       3- Blaspheming,cursing, insulting and any bad language.

       4- Practising policy or promoting it within the university campus. 

       5- Misusing university environment, such as cutting trees or crushing flowers.

MU Maxims

MU draws its maxims from historical and cultural maxims of the Sudanese nation that are driven from the meanings and teachings of the Islamic Sharia and fundamentals of  the free dignified human life. MU is especially interested in the following maxims which it considers as the references explaining its scientific and philosophical approach. Hence MU urges all workers attributed to it, including teachers, students and officials to commit to and do their best to realize


Acquiring knowledge


Applying knowledge for the benefit of the individual, the community and the nation


Safe guard the self, Dignity, Ration and Belief.


Freedom of thinking


Respect and appreciation for all


Consulting and Justice


Telling the truth and Honesty in say and deed


Appreciation of Time Value


Looking forward and work for the better


Loyalty and devotion to MU, Home land and the nation



My sons and daughters MU students, you are all partners in this university. Therefore I request you to keep safe your university and its belongings aspire to its fame and not to spoil its resources.


Distinction of your university is from your distinction, and its superiority is from that of yours.

I pray for Allah almighty to offer you success, and that you enjoy your stay in this university for the years to come and that your link with it shall be lasting for ever, god willing and that MU shall be your pride and aspiration.

the end of our prayer is praise be to Allah lord of all worlds.


Prof. Hasan Abu-Aisha Hamid

President of AlMughtaribeen University