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Expatriate Company for Education, Technology and Scientific Research limited

Expatriate Company for Education, Technology and Scientific Research limited is a public share company established on Sep.9th 2007  shareholders include Sudanese working abroad in general, but those working in the Arab Gulf states in particular. The company is the product of an effort from a group of academics and some other Sudanese working abroad aiming to increase chances of admission in the Sudanese universities and to present a model university where expertise and experienced cadres are employed to establish a model university. A feasibility study was hence prepared to include the total aims plus the financial cost in addition to the accompanying profitable projects that help realizing aims of the university and serving the community.

Company’s share Capital is SDG 15 Million divided over 15 Million shares at SDG 1 per share.

The main purpose of the company is to establish AlMughtaribeen University, therefore the company has not yet enter into any other profitable or investment activities as focus is being on establishing the university and completing the structure thereof.

Shareholders number has almost reached four thousand. Company’s Headquarters is located on Mohamed Najeeb Street opposite SSWA main gate.

Company’s Projects and Works:

1. AlMughtaribeen University.
2. AlMughtaribeen agency for Travel & Tourism.
3. Accommodations and Hostels for male and female students.
4. Precast residence projects.
5. Passport and travel procedures services.

Considering the huge financing required to establish the university, it was necessary to contact outside partners for material sharing. Therefore a new company named “Al-Afaq AlGadeeda” company for Education and investment was established composing following partners with holding percentage of each:

1. Expatriate Company 60%
2. SSWA 20%
3. National Insurance Fund 4%
4. National Pensions Fund 4%
5. DC Real State Company 1%.
6. Mrs. Kamal Hamza Abul Maali 1%.