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About MU


At the outset, the idea of establishing MU was initiated by a group of expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it was adopted by the 4th Expatriates Conference in 2000 – under the auspices of the Sudanese Expats Organization. The National Voluntary Organization for Supporting Higher Education in Sudan – situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – which consists of a group of Sudanese experts and university professors – prepared a complete study aiming at the establishment of the non-profit company to start a university. The President of Sudan Marshal Omer Al-Bashir during the 5th Expatriates Conference in 2005 gave his consent and approval of the project as it meets the demands of the large sector of the Sudanese expats.  

Reasons and Justifications for the Establishment of AlMughtaribeen University (MU)

1. To address the problem of Certificate Equivalency between Arabian and other foreign High School Certificates on one side and the Sudan School certificate on the other. Such equivalency has always resulted in deduction in student’s marks he/she scored in his/her Arabian or other foreign school certificate, a process that narrows his chances in reaching to the college he wants to study.

2. To increase and create further available opportunities for students holding Arabian certificate to grant them studying in their home land and at their preferred colleges, such as medicine or engineering. This is something that wouldn’t be possible in the absence of AlMughtaribeen University.

3. Tuition fees at private universities or on special admission at the government universities in Sudan have been steadily rising. This creates heavy burdens on student’s parents, especially that living cost in most migration countries has also been rising steadily and things are no longer as easy as they were in the past.  

4. Students who are sent to study in foreign countries are subjected to huge moral and social risks due to differences in moral codes in those countries. This is besides the financial burdens that parents have to bear. All such difficulties are reflected on the student’s behavior and academic conduct while he is away from his/her family.

5. Poor patriotic feelings towards home land among those students who have spent all of their school and university years outside their country. This may form a future risk of alienation and lack of national, social or cultural belongingness.

6. The strong and firm determination of the Sudanese working abroad (SWA) to positively share and participate in the total development strategy for Sudan as part of their commitment and in acknowledgment towards their home land.

MU Vision

To become a center for excellence and an axle for change management. To quest towards an advanced Sudan that is harrying up towards progress and development on the bases of proper scientific planning and research.

MU Message

1. To offer outstanding educational programs in both curricula and teaching methods in order to form a lasting solution for the problem of the SWA sons and daughters joining Higher Education at home and saving them from traveling to countries that further their alienation.

2. To participate in community development programs and to join in the total development strategy for Sudan. This would be reached through a modern outstanding university establishment that equips its graduates with the necessary qualifications to supply local, regional and international job markets with qualified cadres.

3. MU shall seek to become a model example of the principle of cooperation and partnership between SWA, the government and private investors in order to face development challenges for the sake of serving the Sudanese community.

4. MU shall seek to support scientific research, to elevate science, to originate and cerement humane and ethical values that are driven from our noble faith and from our traditions and heritage.

5. To participate in localizing modern technologies, in offering technical consultation and to serve the community through continuous education, enlightening and consoling programs.

MU Aims

  • To achieve ideal solutions for the problem of educating SWA sons and daughters at university level. This would be by increasing admission opportunities for university education for these sons and daughters as well as other Sudanese students. Also to decrease the financial burden laid on parents, especially those who support more than one son or daughter.
  • To prepare the future leadership and qualify outstanding graduates through presenting modern educational programs that are advanced in content and teaching methods.
  • To attract expert Sudanese who have been working abroad to join the university staff or to cooperate with them. To create the suitable environment so as to sattract and localize such experts.
  • Active participation in the writing, translation and publication movement in the country.

About MU

  • Prof. Hasan Abu-Aisha (President of MU).
  • Prof. El Tahir M. Haroun (Vice President of MU).
  • Prof. Abdul Wahab A. Abdul Rahman (Dean of Scientific Affairs).
  • Dr. Abdul Rahim M.H. Satti (MU Principal).

Colleges and Study Programs

College of Administrative Science:

Offers Bachelor Degree in the following specialties:

  • Business Administration.
  • Accounting.
  • Banking and Financing.
  • Marketing.
  • Executive Secretariat.

Study duration is eight semesters divided over 4 years. Admission percentage is 65% Minimum.

Dean of College: Dr. Mohamed Al Hassan Osman.

College of Languages:

Offers Bachelor Degree in the following specialties:

  • English Language.
  • English and Arabic Languages.
  • Arabic and English Languages.
  • French Language.

Study duration is eight semesters divided over 4 years. Admission percentage is 65%. Minimum.

Dean of College: Dr. Mohamed O. Kambal.

College of Engineering:

Offers Honoree Bachelor Degree in the following specialties:

  • Communication Engineering.
  • Industrial Electronics Engineering.
  • Bio-medical Engineering.
  • Architecture.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering(Power & Control)

Study duration is ten semesters divided over 5 years. Admission percentage is 70%. Minimum.

Dean of College:Prof. Shambol A. Mohammed.

College of Medicine:

College syllabus follows the modified semester and accredited hour’s system, where syllabus is studied during ten semesters over 5 years.

 Successful students, after completing the approved syllabus are offered the Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Al Mughtaribeen University.

Admission percentage is 80% Minimum.

Dean of College: Dr. Naeema Abdullah.


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