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Admission Procedures for Foreign Certificate Students

Foreign certificate students are admitted in MU in accordance with the directives of  the Public Administration for Admission, Evaluation and Certificate Equivalence of the MHESR that refer to admission of foreign certificates students.

Note With reference to foreign certificates, only those certificates issued by Ministry of Education in concerned country are accepted. Certificates issued by schools separately are not approved for application.

Controls and procedures for admitting British certificates IGCSE & GCE.

Procedures for admission to governmental and national Higher Education establishments for students who sat for British IGCSE & GCE certificates shall be as follows:

- Students holding IGCSE & GCE certificates at level Eleven only may be admitted  - Students holding IGCSE & GCE certificates at level Ten should meet following conditions:  

1- Passing 7 subjects at least at level Ten  to consist with  admission terms in the required  college. 2 To sit for  the one-year advance level examination. 3  Required subject  at (AS-Level)  shall be as follows: -

a. Scientific section students bio (who want to be admitted in Medical Sciences Colleges) shall sit for two subjects  one of which must be biology and the other may be either or (Physics - Chemistry) b. Scientific section students math. (who want to be admitted in  Engineering Colleges) shall sit for two subjects  one of which  must be mathematics and the other may be either or (Physics - Chemistry) b. Literal section students shall sit for English language and one from the other optional subjects. 

1.  Student shall be qualified for admission having passed  seven subjects at the normal level where he/she scored  from(A* - D) grades, and two subjects from the advance level where he/she scored from (A* - D) grades. 

2. Mathematics at the Advanced level (AS- level) equals Additional Mathematics that qualifies for Engineering colleges.  

3. The two advance level subjects and five subjects from the normal  level subjects are counted in the  percentage that qualifies  for admission after fulfilling passing seven subjects at least  at level Ten. 

4. Qualifying percentage for admission for (IGCSE & GCE) certificates is calculated as follows:-






Control and Procedures for Saudi General School Certificate Admission

Saudi General School Certificate students are admitted in  Governmental and National Higher Education Establishments after they have sit for the Learning Capacity Test as a conditional term for admission. Compound percentage for admitting Saudi General School Certificate is considered after approving 80% of the L.C. test and 20% of SGSC. In addition to considering capacity result in preference in case of joining.     

Controls and procedures for admitting American High School Diploma

Terms and Conditions for admission  in Sudanese Higher Education Establishments for American High School  Diploma students starting from academic year 2015-2016:-

1. Student should be holding American High School  Diploma (details certificate for Grades 9-10-11-12)
2. Student should  have obtained his/her Certificate from accredited governmental or private school by educational authorities at the country of issuance.   
3. Student should have passed seven subjects in the American School Certificate that consist with admission terms of the  required college.
4. Student should sit for the (Sat1&Sat2) tests. 5. For admission in Medical Sciences Colleges, student should sit for two subjects in (Sat2) test including Biology and either or (Chemistry - Physics). 6. For admission in Engineering Colleges, student should sit for two subjects in (Sat2) test including Mathematics and either or (Chemistry - Physics). 7. Percentage for School Certificate is calculated as follows:-

a.30% of the total marks of the seven subjects qualifying for each college

b.30% of the total marks student had scored in (Sat1) test.

c.40% of the total marks student had scored in (Sat2) test.

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