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International Students Admission

MU offers Study Courses for foreign students from different Arab and African countries to obtain Bachelor Degree in the different study programs offered by MU. Foreign students may apply through Secretariat of Academic Affairs, Department of Admission and Registration.

Application requirements for foreign students are:

Original School Certificate attested at student’s country from following bodies:
-Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
-Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
-Sudan Embassy at Student’s country.

In Sudan it should be attested by:

-Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
-Ministry of Education, Department of Certificate Equivalency.
-A copy of student’s passport.
-6 photographs of student.

Students from West Africa, (especially those from Nigeria) must attach WAEC card with original certificate.

MU President inaugurates the center of application to higher education est.

Prof. Osman Elhassan M. Nour, President of AlMughtaribeen University opened on Thursday 4th February 2021 the...