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Secretariat of Academic Affairs

References and Duties:

1- To organize the Senate business and/or any sub-committee thereof, and to follow up and execute its decisions and recommendations.

2- To forward academic rules and regulations for approval, publication and application.

3- To supervise the educational process regularity in the university and to ensure good conduct thereof.

4- To seek best methods to attract to the university qualified teaching staff who are capable of giving, developing and refining education.

5- To supervise student’s admission and registration in coordination with the General Administration for Admission at the Ministry of Higher Education and Academic Research.

6- To supervise Academic counselling and Guidance for students and to ensure that every student has been allocated to an Academic Supervisor.

7- To keep a register for every student academic performance.

8- To supervise the process of qualifying the lecturers and the assistant teaching staff in the university.

9- To follow-up the teaching staff performance and seek to improve it.

10- To monitor the teaching load in the different academic departments and to ensure it is applied.

11- To supervise the training courses for the teaching staff.

12- To supervise the work of the teaching staff promotions committee.

13- To supervise all university examinations and to specify the requirements at the university level in collaboration with the university colleges.

14- To restore examinations’ documents and results.

15- To issue Graduation Certificates to students who have met all requirements of the academic degree that he/she was registered for. Graduation certificates should be signed by the Secretariat of Academic Affairs and the dean and registrar of the related colleges. Such certificates are issued to concerned students after they have shown a clearance certificate confirming that they have fulfilled all financial and administrative requirements towards the university.

16- To supervise planning the university annual Calendar.

17- To supervise the preparations for celebrating awarding academic and honoree degrees and the proper execution of such preparations in collaboration with concerned parties in the university.

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