Secretariatof Scientific and Academic Affairs speech


1- Organizing the workof the Council of Teachers and any committees that emanate from it, andfollowing up the implementation of its decisions and recommendations.

2- Presenting academicregulations for licensing, publishing and following up their implementation.

3- Supervising theregularity and proper functioning of the educational process at the university.

4- Follow the best waysto attract qualified faculty members who are able to give their best, develop and improve.

5- Supervising the admissionand registration of students in coordination with the General Directorate ofAdmission of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

6- Supervising the academicguidance of students and emphasizing the presence of an academic advisor foreach student.

7- Maintaining an academicrecord of students’ performance.

8- Supervising the qualificationof teaching assistants and lecturers.

9- Follow up theperformance of faculty members and work to improve it.

10 Monitoring the teachingburden of different academic departments and ensuring compliance with itsimplementation.

11- Supervising trainingcourses for teaching members

12- Supervising the workof the committee of promotions of members of the teaching staff

13- Supervising the examinationsand determining their requirements at the university level, in cooperation andcoordination with the various colleges of the university.

14- Keeping the documentsand results of the examinations.

15- Issuing graduation certificatesafter the student has met the requirements of the degree he registered for, andthis certificate is signed by the Secretary of Academic Affairs and the Deanand Registrar of the College concerned. These certificates are issued for thestudents concerned after they have produced a certificate of clearance of aparty confirming their fulfilment of financial and administrative obligationstowards the university from the relevant academic and administrative unitsconfirming their fulfillment of their financial and administrative obligationstowards the university, from the relevant administrative and academic units

16- Overseeing the preparationof the annual academic schedule of the university.

17- Supervising the preparationand implementation of the distribution of degrees and honorary grade incooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities of the university.