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Human Immunodeficiency Virus” a unique type of virus (a retrovirus) invades the helper T cells (CD4 cells) in the body of the host (defense mechanism of a person) causing AIDS which is a threatening global epidemic.


Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, group of diseases => increase susceptibility to infections and tumors.


  1. sexual Intercourse (Semen & Vaginal fluids)
  2. Mother to child (before and during birth, breastfeeding).
  3. Blood and blood products. (Unsterilized  syringes, blades)

Prevalence of HIV  in Sudan

There are 33.3 million people worldwide infected with HIV. In Sudan the Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in 2014 was estimated as0.5%.

Society and culture

AIDS stigma exists around the world in a Varity of ways, Including rejection, discrimination and avoidance of HIV infected people. Stigma-related violence or the fear of violence prevents many people from doing HIV testing, returning for their result, or securing treatment, possibly turning what could be manageable chronic illness into a death or spread of HIV.


College of medicine and Sudan Society for HBP curry out an awareness campaign

MU medical students, in collaboration with Sudan Society for High Blood Pressure patients curried out a campaign for...