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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Department provides the following programs:

1. Bachelor of Science (Honor) in Electrical Engineering (Power)

2. Bachelor of Science (Honor) in Electrical Engineering (Control)

The program curriculum includes study of engineering sciences and possibility of utilizing it to solve the technical and operational problem based on scientific ground, practical experiments,  field training,  individual projects and team  projects.

The curriculum is so flexible to enable students to choose a specialization from any of available  specializations in electrical engineering.

 bachelor of  Electrical engineering (power and control)  provides multiple opportunities for future career. Once you complete the program you can work , in the electricity generating, transmission or distribution  companies, various factories and administrative units which utilizes electricity.

Program period:

The period required to complete the program is 5 years divided to 10 semesters in addition to 4 summer semesters for students who have special circumstances.