AlMughtaribeen University AlMughtaribeen University


# Subject Credit Hours
1 Engineering Economics 2

7th Semester

2 Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 3
3 Computer Architecture 3
4 Data Communications 2
5 Automatic Control Theory 3
6 Fault Tolerant Systems 2
7 Analog Integrated Cercuits 3
# Subject Credit Hours
1 Principles of Management 2


8th Semester

2 Research Methodology 3
3 Microprocessor Systems Design 3
4 Computer Networks (i) 3
5 Power Electronics 2
6 Artificial Intellegence 3
7 Radio and Television Systems 3
8 Real Times Systems 2

ELX 411: Engineering Economics

Introduction to Economics Theory, Economics Planning and Control, Costing and Finance, Management Accounting, Theories of Management, Internet & Intranet in HRM, Project Management.

ELX 412: Digital Signal Processing

Discrete Time Signals and Systems, Z-transform and its Applications, Structure of Discrete Time Systems, Discrete-Time Fourier Analysis, Digital Filter Design and Applications, Introduction to Real-Time DSP Implementation.

ELX 413: Computer Architecture and Organization

Memory Organization, The processor 8086, Cache Memory Organization, External Memory, System Buses, Computer Architecture, Input/Output and Direct Memory Access, High performance computer systems, 80286 Memory Management, Introduction to Multiprocessor System

ELX 414: Data Communications

networks models and OSI model, Protocols and Standards, Transmission Media, Telephone Networks and Modems, Multiplexing, High Speed Digital Access, Error Detection and Correction, Data link control and protocol, Multiple Accesses Methods & Channelization, Ethernet, Wireless LANs.

ELX 415: Automatic Control Theory

Introduction to Control Systems, System Modeling, Transient Response Analysis and Steady-state Error Analysis, Root Locus Method, Frequency Response Analysis, Compensation Techniques.

ELX 416: Fault Tolerant Systems

An Overview, Goals and Applications of Fault Tolerance, Design Techniques of Fault Tolerant Systems.

ELX 417: Analog Integrated Circuits

Advanced Current Mirror Analysis , Analysis and Design of Complicated Analog IC System, Zero Value Time Constant Analysis, Analysis of Application of Feedback to Practical Circuit, Transistor level Design of Analog Circuit Blocks

ELX 422: Microprocessor System Design

Overview of Computer Circuits, Register Transfers and datapaths, Sequencing and Control, Instruction-set Analysis, CPU Design, Memory system.

ELX 423: Computer Network I

Protocols, Local Area Networks, Network Techniques, Inter-networking, and Network Management

ELX 424: Power Electronics

Overview of Power Semiconductor Switches, Line-Commutated Diode Rectifiers, DC-DC Switch-Mode Converters, Switch-Mode DC-AC Inverters, Resonant Converters, Power Supply Applications.

ELX 425: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

ELX 426: Radio and Television Systems

Attenuator Design and Network Transformation, Radio Frequency Amplifiers, Phase-Locked Loop Technique, Super heterodyne AM Radio Receiver, Super heterodyne FM Radio Receiver, Basic Television.

COM 427: Real Time Systems

Introduction to real-time systems, Hard vs Soft real time, Reference Models, Intractability results, Classic unprocessed scheduling results