AlMughtaribeen University AlMughtaribeen University

# Subject Credit Hours
1 Statistics & Probabilities 3

5th Semester

2 Data Structures 2
3 Analog Electronic Cercuits 3
4 Signals & Systems 3
5 Electronic Measurment Systems 3
6 Digital Systems Design (ii) 3
7 Electrical Power Systems 3
8 MATLAB and Tools 2
9 Thermodynamics 2
# Subject Credit Hours
1 Sudanese Studies 2
2 Numaerical Analysis 3


6th Semester

3 Microprocessors & Assembly Language 3
4 Computer Aided Design (CAD) 2
5 Object Oriented Programming (OOP) 3
6 Electromagnetic Fields 3
7 Analog Communications 3

STAT 311 Applied Probability & Statistics

A comprehensive course tailored to meet engineering requirements & applications: Role of Probability & Statistics in Engineering; Data Presentation (descriptive & graphical); Parameter Estimation: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion (Mean, Standard Deviation, etc.); Fundamental Probability Theory and Applications: discrete and continuous distributions (Binomial, Poisson and Normal); Statistical Inference for one and two Samples: hypothesis testing & confidence intervals; Linear and Curvilinear Regression & Correlation; Design of Single Factor Experiment; Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics & Statistical Quality Control.

MAT321: Numerical Analysis:

Finite differences, extrapolation, numerical differential, numerical integration, linear transformation, non-linear transformation, error computation, numerical methods of differential equations, error estimation, numerical methods for solving systems of linear and non-linear equations, geometrical applications.

COM 312: Data Structures and Algorithms

Structures, Pointers, I/O Files, System Services, and Case Study.

ELX 313 Signals and Systems

Fundamentals of digital signal processing, digital representations, analog to digital conversions, fast Fourier transformation, digital filtering, filter structures, quantization and stability analysis, round off noise calculations, and applications in various areas.

ELX 314: Electronic Measurement Systems

Measurment of Non Electrical Quantities, Measurment of acceleration, Measurment of Tempreature, Signal and light detecting devices, Frequency domain, Interfacing, System Application, Interfacing Examples.

ELX 315: Analog Electronics Circuits I

Field Effect Transistor, Introduction to High Frequency Amplifiers, Amplifier Specifications, Radio Frequency Amplifiers, Power Amplifier Design, Switching Circuits, Power Switch.

ELX 316: Digital System Design II

Sequential Logic, Advance Digital System Design, and Programmable Logic Devices.

ELX 317: MATLAB and Tools

basic instructions, loop and control, drawing in MATLAB, and Applications.

ELX 323: Microprocessor Systems and Assembly Language

Overview of Microcomputer Structure and Operation, Memory of Mp Interface, The Intel Microprocessor

ELX 324: Electromagnetic Fields

Scalar and Vector Fields, Vector Calculus, Electrostatics, Maxwell’s Equations Time varying fields, Magnetic Circuits

ELX 325: Analog Electronics Circuits II

Operational Amplifier Fundamentals, Active Filters, Practical Op-Amp Limitations, Voltage Regulators, Oscillators, Nonlinear Circuit Application.

ELX 326: Analog Communications

Principles of Communications, Spectral Analysis, AM Modulation Theory, FM Modulation Theory, Noise, Radio Receivers for AM and FM Modulations.

ELX 327: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Structured Design Concepts, Introduction to VHDL, VHDL Modeling Techniques, ASIC and ASIC Design Process, VHDL Design Methodology, Design for Synthesis.