AlMughtaribeen University AlMughtaribeen University

# Subject Credit Hours
1 Arabic Language (iii) 2

3rd Semester

2 English Language (iii) 2
3 Islamic Culture (iii) 2
4 Differential Equations 3
5 Material Science 2
6 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 3
7 Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering 2
8 Introduction to Computer 2
9 Workshop (iii) -
# Subject Credit Hours
1 Sudanese Studies 2


4th Semester

2 Complex Functions 3
3 Material Mechanics (i) 3
4 Civil Engineering Drowing 3
5 Constructions Materials 2
6 Engineering Geology 2
7 Surveying (i) 3

English Language iii

Advanced Course: English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

In this course the student’s ability to enhance his first year capabilities is concentrated upon, the material is selected from the specialty of the student.

GSC21104  Differential Equations   

Differential equations of first order, differential equations of 2nd order, and differential equations of nth order linear differential equations, system of ordinary differential equations, applications to the different types, partial differential equations, Different solutions techniques of differential equations, integral transformations, Laplace and Fourier transforms.

Mathematical techniques, Fourier theorem definitions, sine and cosine functions transformations, differentiation and integration of Fourier series, Bessel functions and properties, Legendre multi-dimensional Functions.

GSC 21105  Introduction to Computer Science

Computer system components, peripheral units, introduction to operating systems, Introduction to major computer applications, word processing, communication techniques, tables, database,  computer graphic applications, principles of display devices, printing, transforms, representation of curves and surfaces.

EGS21106   Materials Science

Principles of the structure of metals, chemical bonds between molecules and atoms, matter structure and its effect on the properties of materials, metals and non metals, equilibrium graphs, metallic paint, thermal treatment, types of polymers: rubber, fibers, plastics, their properties and usage, ceramics: types, clay, glass, and high melting temperature materials, their properties and usage.

EGS21107 Mechanical Engineering Principles

Introduction to mechanical engineering principles in tools and machines used in engineering such as water pumps, valves and leak proof washers, ball bearings, transmission shafts, gears and Pulleys and Cranes, Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.

EGS21108  Electrical Engineering Principles

Electric circuits and direct current laws: Ohm’s and Kirchoff’s laws, equivalent circuits, Thevinen’s theorem, magnetism and magnetic circuits, capacitors and inductors, a.c. current, phase relations, single phase circuits, three phase circuits, introduction to direct current circuits, semiconductors.

CVE22004 Civil Engineering Drawing

Structural Steal Detailing .R.C Detailing. Construction Drawing: Design, Construction &As. Built Drawings for: Residential& Industrial Buildings, Water Resources Projects, Urban Transportation System, Environmental Protection Projects. Computer aided Draughting AutoCAD.

CVE22005 Construction Materials

Properties and usage of: Lime, Gypsum, Rocks and Aggregates, Cement and Cement. Products, Polymers, Glass, Paints and Coatings, Clay and Clay Products, Bituminous Materials, Timber, Structural Steel, Reinforcement. Laboratory Tests for Cement and Bituminous Materials.

EGS22507  Surveying I

Surveying principles, horizontal control, vertical control, measuring units, distance measuring equipment and instruments, height measurement, normal scaling: scaling principles, permanent scales compression, height computation methods, longitudinal and transverse sections, mesh scaling, contour lines, applications of contour maps, types of maps and maps properties, introduction to angles measurement.

CGS 22106  Material Mechanics I

Direct stress and Direct Strain, Shear Stress and Shear Strain, Elastic Constants, Compound Bars, Thermal Stresses, Thermal Stresses in Compound Bars, Strain Energy and Impact Loads, Thin-walled Cylinders, Torsion of Circular Shafts, Stress Analysis and Mohr Circle for Stresses, Shear Force and Bending Moments in Determinate Beams, Shear Force, Bending Moment and Thrust Diagrams.

GSC22101 Integral and Special Functions

Functions of complex variables, definition, their differentiation and integration, Cauchy’s integral theorems, remainders, Cauchy’s equations, Riemann’s equations, the contours integrations, transformations with angular conservation, special functions: Gamma, and Beta, integral transforms.

GSC22102 Engineering Geology

Principles of Physical and Structural Geology, Minerals and Rock Types. Superficial Deposits. Influence of Geological Origin and History on Engineering Characteristics of Soil and Rocks. Application of Geology in Exploration, Design and Construction of Engineering Works.