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# Subject Credit Hours
1 Engineering Economics 2

7th Semester

2 Automatic Control Theory 3
3 Communcation Systems Priciples 3
4 Fault Tolerant Systems 2
5 Biomedical Instrumentation (i) 3
6 Medical Informatics 3
7 Biomedical Workshop (iii) 3
# Subject Credit Hours
1 Principles of Management 2


8th Semester

2 Research Methodology 3
3 Biomedical Instrumentation (ii) 3
4 Computer Networks 3
5 Medical Imaging Systems (i) 2
6 Microcontrollers & Embeded Systems 3
7 Power Electronics 3

BME 412: Biomedical Instrumentation I

Basic concepts of medical instrumentation. Basic biomedical sensors and principles. Biopotential electrodes. Chemical biosensors. Clinical laboratory instrumentation.

ELX 411: Engineering Economics

Introduction to Economic s Theory, Economics Planning and Control, Costing and Finance, Management Accounting, Theories of Management, Internet & Intranet in HRM, Project Management.

ELX 415: Automatic Control Theory

Lecture 2 hours, 3 credits. Introduction to Control Systems, System Modeling, Transient Response Analysis and Steady-state Error Analysis, Root Locus Method, Frequency Response Analysis, Compensation Techniques.

ELX 416: Fault Tolerant Systems

Lecture 2 hours, 2 credits, An Overview, Goals and Applications of Fault Tolerance, Design Techniques of Fault Tolerant Systems.

BME419: Biomedical Workshops (III)

To progressively introduce students to formal engineering practice in the biomedical workshop so as to reinforce theoretical concepts, and develop more practical  abilities, attitudes and skills.

ELX 424: Power Electronics

Overview of Power Semiconductor Switches, Line-Commutated Diode Rectifiers, DC-DC Switch-Mode Converters, Switch-Mode DC-AC Inverters, Resonant Converters, Power Supply Applications.

BME 422: Biomedical Instrumentation II

Bio-potential  recording systems, Blood pressure, flow and volume instrumentation systems, Oximeters, Pace-makers and  Defibrillators, Respiratory systems instruments, Electro-surgical units, Physiotherapy instruments, Ventilators and anesthesia equipment.

BME 424: Medical Imaging Systems I

Radioactivity, X - Ray Physics and imaging systems:

X-ray machines, CT, gamma camera. Introduction to SPECT and PET, Biological

effects of radiation and safe handling.