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# Subject Credit Hours

9th Semester

1 Design Studio (ix) 14
2 Research Methodology 2
# Subject Credit Hours


10th Semester

1 Design Studio (x) / Graduation Project 16

Design Studio (ix)

Each student is required to carry out an independent study leading to the selection of a graduation project and a dissertation. During this semester the progress of the student is monitored through the presentation of the work in studio seminars with written drafts to be amended till the end of the semester.

Research Methodology

Graduation Project Research: following the selection of a project, the student is to carryout systematic analysis of the selected project dealing with then nature of edifice, the need for it, the functional and space relationships, location and the salient  features of the site, the  physical environment, building by-laws and possible restrictions applicable to the locality. Case studies on similar projects local and foreign to be distilled, alternative concepts for the design to be presented visually and in a written report.

Design Studio (x) / Graduation Project

Following the graduation  project research, consolidated to a satisfactory level by the end of semester IX, the student is to proceed  to develop preliminary design concepts, assess alternative design approaches, prepare design through systematic steps covering architectural, structural, services, environmental aesthetical aspects, thus proceeding to final presentation of a complete design project with educated cost estimates and production drawings at a state that might go to the authorities responsible for issuing building permits and consequently to bidders.

Architecture Department Students Graduation Projects Discussed

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