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An important agreement has been signed between MU and Shenyang University for Technology from the People's Republic of China on April 15th 2018.  MU Vice President Prof. ElTaher M. Haroon said "Shenyang University for Technology is one of the oldest universities in the world and that the MOU which has been signed between the two parties is considered a gain for MU where cooperation will be in many aspects including  Post graduate studies (PhD. and M.A degrees) as well as joint researches between the two universities besides training MU staff.   

On the other side President of  Shenyang University for Technology, Prof. Lee Syang said that his university will provide offers for PhD. and M.A degrees for MU teaching staff and conduct joint researches . He also showed his readiness to receive academic visits and joint researches between the students from both universities.

Prof. Lee Syang also said that the Shenyang University for Technology was established in 1946 and that it has a large participation in the weapon, marine, aviation and space industries and it owns an institution for energy researches in Germany.