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MU participated in the 5th Sudanese Universities fair which was organized by the British Educational Schools (BES) at the Grand Holiday Villa hotel on 8-9 February 2018.
MU participation was not just for being there, but rather for competing. MU students did their best to bring about an excellent performance and show. The Engineering College students strongly showed their projects and paintings which attracted the interest of many visitors. Muram Abdul Fatah, an architect student surprised the audience, including BES manager. She was excellent in showing how Cinema make-up is made; especially making up injuries and wounds (as illustrated in attached photos). MU medical students were busy measuring blood pressure for many visitors who were pleased and thankful. Some of MU with smiling faces and pleasant sprit useful introductory information about MU colleges and programs.
Ustaz Mutasim Zaroog, BES manager explained in a media release that the aim of organizing this annual Sudanese Universities fair is to provide necessary information about the different universities to the Sudan School Certificate (SSC) candidate students and their parents and sponsors. In fact this category forms most of the fair visitors. The information they get from the shows and the paper handouts will help them make their decisions about which university and what line of study they would follow. It is noted that the numbers of visitors increase each year.