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The Psychological & Social Counseling Department of the Students’ Affairs Deanship in collaboration with Alzahir Center for Training in Administration and Human Development organized a training course titled (Role of University Security ln maintaining university environment) which was addressed to MU security teams. The course lasted for 6 days where participants were divided into two groups. Different useful scientific subjects related to psychological, educational and social aspects were delivered and MU security staff benefited much of the course. That was shown in their participation in the discussions and their laying of problems which they encountered. Trainers explained to the trainees the best methods to solve such kind of problems. The trainees also filled up forms that reflect what they used to do when facing the kind of problems and the positive change they adopted toward the concepts they just received from the course.

At the end of the course, Prof. Hassan Abu Aisha, MU President, attended the end of course program. Also MU Principal, Dr. Nasir Abdul Rahim, Director of Admission and Registration, Dr. Omer Alamin, Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Babiker Rahmatullah, MU Security Commander Lieut. General Murad Abdullah, Director of Alzahir Center for Training, Dr. Zuhair Abdulrahman and the Admin. Director therein Maj. General Dr. Ibrahim Nor Elden were all attendant at the event.

Prof. Abu Aisha delivered a brief word where he thanked the Psychological & Social Counseling Department, represented by Dr. Rasha Humaida for the great efforts she is leading and stressed the importance of this kind of courses for all MU employees of all specializations. Dr. Rasha Humaida in her word said the course was organized to create the sort of mutual understanding between the students and the security staff and to find a spirit of communication and cooperation between the two bodies. The course was also meant to support the security personnel role in the educational process. Director of Alzahir Center for Training, Dr. Zuhair Abdulrahman in his turn also described this kind of courses as important in raising the level of communication between the staff groups in different establishments and to avoiding many clashes resulting from poor communication and misunderstanding.

At the end of the program, Prof. Abu Aisha and representatives of the training center and MU administration cheerfully handed out the course certificates to the trainees.