AlMughtaribeen University AlMughtaribeen University

# Subject Credit Hours
1 International Business 3

7th Semester

2 Negotiation Skills 3
3 E-Business 3
4 Product & Brand Management 3
5 Sales & Distribution Management 3
6 Marketing Reserches 3
# Subject Credit Hours
1 Strategic Management 3


8th Semester

2 Marketing Strategies 3
3 International Marketing 3
4 Contemporary Issues in Marketing 3
5 Marketing Coummunications 3
6 Graduation Research 3


Mrkt 412 E- Commerce


This course aims to identify the stages of business and the potential use of computers in the modernization of business processes, which aims to improve performance and reduce cost.


 It includes concept of e-commerce , challenges and possibilities, usage of information networks at different levels, the basic concepts of marketing networks, models for advertising, sales and procurement methods, Search for products in information networks, the concept of electronic business, trade growth in networks , e-business ethics, and relations management and communications security.

Mrkt 413 Marketing Research


 Introduction, to marketing research and overview the Importance of Research in Marketing,


Types of Decision Problems, Decision Analysis and Value of Research, Measurement and Scaling, Research Models and Designs, Qualitative Marketing Research, Quantitative Marketing Research, Hypothesis Development , Hypothesis Testing, Parametric Tests, Non-Parametric Tests, Data Collection, Sampling, Experimental Research

Mrkt 414 Sales and Distribution Management

Introduction to Selling and Sales Management, Sales Management Functions, Strategic Planning and Sales, Personal Selling, Account Relationship Management, Selling Process, Estimating Potentials and Forecasting Sales, Organization, Territory Design, Recruiting and Selecting Sales People, Sales Training, Motivating Sales People, Leadership, Compensating Sales People, Evaluating Sales Performance, distribution channel, whole sellers and retailers, managing distribution chain relations.


Mrkt 416 Product and Brand Management

The course aim at enabling students to understand and manage product and brand concept .


The  product design ,product mix , product life cycle, product modification Introduction to Brand Management Course, Preparation to Brand Management Course, Brand Equity in Question, Strategic Implications of Branding, Brand and Business Building, The New Rules of Brand Management, Brand Identity and Positioning, The Logic of Retail Brands, Launching the Brand, Growth through Brand Extensions, Brand Architecture: Managing Brand and Product Relationships

Mrkt 422 Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategy:  introduction marketing stratage The Concept and Trends,


Strategy Formulation, Environmental Analysis, Marketing Planning, Strategic Analysis such as SWOT, BCG, GE, PIMS., External and Customer Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Market Analysis, Alternative Business Strategies, Obtaining a Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Differentiation Strategies, Strategic Positioning, Growth Strategies: Penetration, Product-Market Expansion, Vertical Integration ,
Diversification, Global Strategies, Implementation

Mrkt 423 International Marketing


This course focuses on the problems of distribution and marketing in foreign countries.


 foreign markets surveys; promotion by government and private agencies; structural organization; marketing channels; foreign operations; foreign licensing; selection of marketing policies, and it includes, introduction to international marketing,  environmental factors influencing international marketing activities, marketing entry strategies, and international marketing mix.

Mrkt 424 Marketing Communications

The course provides an Introduction to Marketing Communications.


Determining the Groups for projects, Overview of Integrated Marketing Communications, The Marketing Communications Process and Brand Equity Enhancement, The Communication Process, Brand Names, Logos, Packages and Point-of-Purchase Materials, Advertising Management, Creating Advertising Strategy, Media Planning and Analysis, Marketing Public Relations and Sponsorship Marketing.

Mrkt 425 Current Issues in Marketing


This course aims at enriching the knowledge of the student in some contemporary issues in the field of marketing.


These topics will be selected from specialized books as well as some journals in the field of marketing