AlMughtaribeen University AlMughtaribeen University

# Subject Credit Hours
1 Arabic Language (i) 3

1st Semester

2 English Language (i) 3
3 Islamic Culture (i) 3
4 Sudanese Studies 2
5 Financial Accounting (i) 3
6 Business Mathematics (i) 3
7 Introduction in Business Administration 3
# Subject Credit Hours
1 Arabic Language (ii) 3


2nd Semester

2 English Language (ii) 3
3 Islamic Culture (ii) 3
4 Financial Accounting (ii) 3
5 Business Mathematics (ii) 3
6 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility 2
7 Principles of Management 3


Busi 111 Introduction To Business
Business: Concepts and definitions / alternative forms of business organization, the external environment / Forming a business unit , the role of business in society Social responsibility and ethics / Business in Sudan.


Acct 112- Financial Accounting 1



 The course exposes business students to the basic principles and concepts of financial accounting.


The course covers accounting cycle, analyzing and recording transactions, general journal, general ledger, trial balance, adjusting entries, preparation of the financial statements, subsidiary ledgers, and notes attached to the financial statements.


Math 114 Business Mathematics I


This is applications- oriented mathematics course in which the student utilizes arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry and geometry to apply mathematical knowledge to Business administration.


 Topics include: the concept of linear algebra, combinations, permutations, and linear equations.

Busi 121 Principles of Management


This is a foundation management course that helps students learn management terminology and provides preliminary knowledge of the management science.


Topics include: the nature of management, the managerial functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling.

Acct 122- Financial Accounting 2


This course is a continuation of financial accounting 1 in order to further the students understanding of the basic accounting concepts and principles. Topics covered include fixed assets, short-term and contingent liabilities, long-term liabilities, owners’ equity and the preparation of the financial statements.    

Math 124 Business statistics II


This course is an extension of the first course of applied mathematics. It aims at enlarging the student's ability to use mathematical tools to solve managerial problems.


Topics include: discrete and continuous mathematical equations, differentiation, integration, limits of functions, and exponential functions.

Busi 127 Business Ethics:


This course examines the ethical aspects of individual and corporate decision making and Points to the importance of ethical behavior in business.


The course materials cover current Issues and ethical challenges faced in the world of work and provide the student with practical tools, methods and resources that encourage ethical behavior in and out of the workplace. Topics include: Social Responsibility, Ethics and Technology, Ethics and Government, Ethics and the Environment, Stakeholder Approach to Business, Ethics Fundamentals, Ethics and Globalization, Ethics and the Consumer, Ethics and the Employee.