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Visit of Minister of High Education to AlMughtaribeen University

Prof. Sumaia Abu Kashawa, Minister of High Education, said yesterday during her visit to MU that this university is a dream that became true

MU Level 1 Medical students Exhibition

MU Vice President, Prof. Eltahir Haroun opened on Wednesday

MU Medical students to the Nothorn State for health ture

Final students of the MU College of medicine left yesterday to

The International Society of Nephrology (ISN)

selected Prof. Hassan Abu-Aisha Hamed as pioneer of Nephrology for Africa region for the year 2017.

AlQabas School's Children pay a visit to MU

AlQabas School's Children pay a visit to MU

MU Distributes Free Medications

MU College of Medicine in collaboration with Preparatory and Community Service College

MU organizes a symposium on International Day for Psychological Health

Dr. Abdul Ghani Al Shiekh, head of Psychiatry at the Sudan Medical Specialization Board agreed that patients and their relatives are unable