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Community Service Center supports Nile-flood damaged people in Alshigilab

The MU Community Service Center inaugurated a humanitarian support caravan for the...

Polio cases reappear in Sudan after it was eradicated

Prof. Satti Abdul Raheem Dean of the MU College of Medicine revealed the increase of...

Resumption of University Study

By this, AlMughtaribeen University Administration declares the resumption of...

Resumption of 2nd Semester Examinations

Resumption of 2nd Semester Examinations for the year 2018- 2019

Resumption of Examinations

AlMughtaribeen University presents its sincere congratulations and best wishes to all its...

MU Initiative in advancing Yarmouk Complex Mechanical Ventilator prototype

Within the framework of AlMughtaribeen University’s participation in the service of the...

MU Scored an Advanced Position for Sudan on CKD Research

Sudan’s strategy on prevention and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) commended by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN)